Student Questions


I do not have a login or registration key?

If you do not have a registration key or login in then you have not been assigned a course to study. Contact your restaurant manager or store owner.


I have received an email from my owner/manager with a registration key and exam location, what do I do?

Follow the instructions in your email…your registration key must be redeemed for each new course assigned to you from your owner or manager.


How computer literate do I need to be to take an online course?

Taking an online course is similar to reading a book. You can navigate though the chapters and pages in the same manner simply by clicking where you want to go. Instructions are provided throughout the course, and you can reach out for help via email, telephone or chat.


Where and when do I write my final exam?

Exam date, time and location are booked at the time a course is assigned to a student. Exam information will appear in personal profiles and on registration key emails. Owners and managers can check and confirm exam details at anytime.


How long is the certification valid?

5 years


Will I get a CD or manual in the mail?

No. All course materials required are online. A print option is available on each page of the courses.


Can I do the course in more than one sitting?

Yes, absolutely. We encourage you to work at the course at your own pace. The system will remember where you left off and start you there the next time you login.


Can I use different computers or tablets to access the course?

Yes, this is no problem. You can access your account 24/7 from any computer or tablet that has an Internet connection.


My registration key does not work?

Check and retry entering your key, you may have registered for the course already as the key only works once, login using your username and Password if this is not your first course.


I have other questions and concerns?

Contact TrainCan, Inc. 416 447 9588, 888 687 8796 or email:

Owner Questions


How do I receive my owner’s login?

Restaurant owners should have received a personal login which will provide them access to the system: (If owners did not receive a login click the New Owner Registration Button on the home page)


What can I do as an owner once I am logged into the system?


Are the food safety courses recognized?

Yes: Our training partner company TrainCan, Inc. works with all levels of government across Canada to ensure that the ADVANCED.fst® and BASICS.fst® meet all requirements.


I am not listed as an Owner for one of my restaurants?

Owners need to speak to their MBD (Manager, Business Development) to communicate with the proper team at THI (Restaurant Info Forms department).